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We will stop the IRS from garnishing your wages

We can help stop the IRS from garnishing your wages.

We can help stop the IRS from garnishing your wages.

Protecting income and assets from the IRS since 1991

Resolving tax problems since 1991

It’s time to solve your IRS troubles. It’s time to call IRS Trouble Solvers.

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IRS Trouble Solvers™ – Seattle represents businesses and individuals before the Internal Revenue Service and Department of Revenues in Washington state. We have worked with individuals and businesses since 1991 to resolve tax problems, bringing attorneys, enrolled agents, and Certified Public Accountants together to solve them. In addition to clients in the Seattle area, we represent people living throughout the United States, including some Americans living abroad. In addition to unfiled tax returns, our experienced team of tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and Certified Public Accountants help clients with all types of tax obligations that do not have to be paid. Call us today at (206) 970-4-IRS to speak with our team, and I will ensure your needs will be taken care of today. – Your BEST bet to resolve your IRS Debt!®

Serving Clients throughout Seattle, Belleview, Kirkland, and Tacoma


Are you a Seattle taxpayer experiencing IRS tax problems?

Do you need help to stop wage garnishment or levies?

Are you a local business owner struggling with business tax problems?

If any of those questions apply to you, IRS Trouble Solvers™ – Seattle is your professional and trustworthy solution for IRS help in Seattle and all surrounding areas. In 2021, the IRS is able to identify and collect IRS back tax debt through new and sophisticated methods. If you are late in filing your tax returns, owe back taxes, and/or received a collection letter from the IRS, it is crucial you immediately pursue tax debt help. Having worked with hundreds of taxpayers, we know it’s incredibly stressful to owe money to a creditor as powerful as the IRS. But, you can do something today to begin settling your IRS tax problems, properly and permanently.

IRS Trouble Solvers™ – Seattle, conveniently located in the heart of Seattle, has helped thousands of taxpayers like you not only in Seattle, but also in Tacoma and Bellevue, in need of aggressive IRS tax help. Our in-house team of licensed tax attorneys and tax resolution specialists understand the needs of Seattle taxpayers and are available for our clients when they need us.

Our licensed tax resolution professionals have helped thousands of Washington taxpayers reclaim their personal and financial freedom using a variety of personalized tax relief strategies…

Let's Resolve Your IRS Tax Debt


Your BEST bet to resolve your IRS Debt!®

IRS Back Tax Forgiveness

Taxpayers in the Seattle-area who are facing back taxes from the IRS must act swiftly before the situation becomes worse. We negotiate with the IRS to assist our Seattle clients with convenient IRS back tax forgiveness plans.

Tax Attorney Representation

When you work with our IRS tax attorneys, your chances of settling and reducing your tax debt are in your favor. We provide our Seattle clients with a significant legal and financial advantage when resolving IRS tax issues of any type.

Offers in Compromise

An IRS Offer in Compromise allows you to cut a deal with the IRS to pay less than what you owe. However, not all taxpayers are eligible for an Offer in Compromise. We perform a thorough financial analysis to determine if you are eligible for an Offer in Compromise.

Stop Wage Garnishment

Taxpayers from the Seattle area facing wage garnishments or IRS seizures of any kind must act immediately to stop wage garnishment. Seattle businesses and individuals can stop wage garnishment quickly through our IRS tax lawyers.

Business Tax Help & Consulting

Do you need tax help as a Seattle business owner? Businesses in Seattle have relied upon us for over 30 years to settle complicated business tax problems, and to maintain healthy compliance with their tax obligations.

IRS Notice of Deficiency

If you have received a Notice of Deficiency from the IRS, immediate action is required. The IRS Trouble Solvers™ – Seattle stands ready to assist with your Notice of Deficiency.

Learn More About Our Comprehensive Tax Resolution Services

Upon retaining our team of dedicated tax attorneys, you can be certain that our experienced tax resolution team will aggressively negotiate with the IRS and work cooperatively with them to pursue the best possible tax debt resolution, specific to your tax help needs. We are ready to speak with you any time and to start working on your behalf right away to provide expert IRS help and reclaim your financial future, free once and for all from IRS tax debt. 

Don’t delay, contact IRS Trouble Solvers™ – Seattle today for a FREE consultation.

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