Downers Grove Tax Attorney

Downers Grove Tax Attorney

If you are trying to resolve your tax debt and the issues with the IRS surrounding that debt and getting frustrated with the process, we may be able to help. Working with a Downers Grove tax lawyer like Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates provides you experienced representation before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or Illinois Department of Revenue (IDR). Residents and business owners throughout the Greater Seattle area and Downers Grove work with Sheehan & Associates because of our expert tax law knowledge and our dedication in helping our clients resolve their tax issues and getting back on track financially.

Patrick T. Sheehan started his own practice 25 years ago after working for the IRS as a Special Assistant United States Attorney in the Office of Chief Counsel. Part of his duties included accepting or rejecting Offers in Compromise at the IRS District Counsel level. His extensive experience in Federal Court and United States Tax Court is now used to help people like you, seeking tax solutions.

Patrick T. Sheehan Is Your Downers Grove Tax Lawyer

As a Downers Grove tax attorney, Sheehan & Associates provide legal counsel to businesses and individuals seeking guidance on their tax problems.

I wanted to reach out and express my gratitude with Molly Young recently regarding my tax issue. Molly was wonderful, calm, and thorough while explaining the options and courses of action available to me regarding my back-taxes situation. The stress that was lifted after consulting with Molly and ultimately turning the reigns over to her and your firm was immeasurable. I was pleased with the agreement she negotiated on my behalf with the IRS and will recommend Molly and your firm without hesitation to anyone who is ever in a similar situation to mine.

Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates helps with the following IRS problems and tax solutions:

We know that the IRS will keep going until they get what they want. We also know that sometimes IRS problems can feel completely unmanageable with no hope for relief, ever. We’re here to help you strategize a plan and get you back your financial freedom. With Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates on your side, you know that you have an advocate working with you to end your IRS problems. The expert Downers Grove tax attorneys at Sheehan & Associates can help you rest easy knowing that your troubles are being dealt with. Whether you run a Downers Grove business or are a Downers Grove resident, Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates will work as hard as possible to remedy your individual tax situations.

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