Evanston Tax Attorney

Evanston Tax Attorney

If you are facing a tax controversy issue or if you are seeking legal advice regarding your new business, you need to consider hiring a reputable and knowledgeable Evanston tax lawyer. Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates is just that; a great Seattle tax lawyer firm that has helped many Evanston residents with their tax troubles. But rather than take our word for it, see what some of our clients’ say about their results when working with us. Choose your Evanston tax attorney based on credentials, experience, personality and business ethics; choose Patrick T. Sheehan and Associates.

Evanston Tax Lawyer, Patrick T. Sheehan Is Here To Make Sense of Your IRS Problems.

We know that dealing with the IRS can be stressful, so we are here to help you navigate through the process. Even the most honest people are selected for IRS tax audits, so hiring a tax attorney is simply a means of communicating with the IRS through an interpreter that speaks IRS language. And who better to serve as your translator, than Patrick T. Sheehan.

As a Special Assistant United States Attorney for the Office of Chief Counsel, Patrick T. Sheehan worked for the Internal Revenue Service. His work involved recommending acceptance or rejection of Offers in Compromise at the IRS District Counsel level. He was responsible for cases in both Federal Court and United States Tax Court, giving him valuable insight into the decision-making process. In private practice and with his team, Sheehan advocates for individuals and businesses facing IRS tax problems. Resolving federal tax controversy and Illinois state tax problems for Evanston, IL residents and businesses owners is the tax attorney firm’s mission.

We want to thank you for your efforts in attaining a Settlement Agreement with the IRS. Your persistence in advocating our case is greatly appreciated. Our decision making was made easier by your frequent communication and thorough explanation of the options and likely scenarios before us. Your thoughtful, considerate and patient approach brought a sense of calm to a situation that was at times stressful. We will not hesitate in recommending you and your firm to others that may find themselves in our situation. Thank you again for representing our case.

There are many reasons that people seek a tax attorney, Whether you work for Northwestern University or commute to downtown Seattle, Evanston residents face tax issues that require a local Seattle area tax attorney. Based in Elmhurst, IL, a large portion of our clients come from Evanston. From handling your IRS troubles, opening a Evanston business, seeking legal counsel on the best type of tax structure for your business, moving overseas or handling overseas tax matters, we want to be your Evanston tax attorney to help you with contracts, tax structure and other legal matters.

Evanston, Illinois is known for Northwestern University and close proximity to downtown Seattle. Evanston taxpayers turn to Sheehan & Associates for all of the tax needs. Whether you got an IRS letter in the mail or have been selected for an IRS tax audit, we want to help you clear up your tax problems and move forward. Call us before the IRS calls you®!

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