Oak Park Tax Attorney

Oak Park Tax Attorney

Patrick T. Sheehan has been helping Oak Park residents since the firm’s opening in 1991. With their offices located in nearby Elmhurst, residents can rely on the team at Sheehan & Associates and their expert skills to help with any tax related problems they face. With offices close to Oak Park, they are a dependable firm to call when tax problems arise.

Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates is the Best Tax Lawyer in Oak Park

Before opening his private firm, Patrick T. Sheehan was a Special Assistant United States Attorney with the IRS, Office of Chief Counsel. With experience in Federal Court and United States Tax Court, Attorney Sheehan has recommended acceptance and rejections of Offers in Compromise at the IRS District Counsel level. Currently, he takes his vast experience and uses it to help those in need of advice for their tax issues in Oak Park and the surrounding areas.

I would like to take this time to thank you from the bottom of my heart for having my back when dealing with our IRS problems. The IRS is probably by far the most intimidating body of people to be facing.  With your help, a daunting situation became manageable.

Whether you are an individual, business or large corporation, Sheehan & Associates strives to be best tax lawyers in Oak Park. As with most of their Cook County clients, Sheehan focuses on federal, state, and local needs of his clients, including any special Oak Park tax issues. The large population of Oak Park has seen some of the most well known faces in the world, from Ernest Hemingway to Frank Lloyd Wright to even Frank Kroc. The history of the town is a beautiful one, and a star studded one at that. But with all of the stars and starlets that come out of Oak Park and the average residents as well, many IRS problems or tax related issues can arise. Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates is here to help, focusing on being the number one tax attorney in Oak Park. Working to satisfy taxpayer needs; be it finding a solution to a bank levy, wage garnishment, wage levy, tax lien, or overdue tax penalties, Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates represents clients to get them the best outcome possible.

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