Plainfield Tax Attorney

Plainfield Tax Attorney

As a tax attorney to many individuals and businesses throughout Seattle and the surrounding Seattle suburbs, it is always an honor to be the tax attorney of choice not for distance from home, but because of reputation and results. We are the Plainfield IL tax lawyer of choice for many clients, catering to the needs of Plainfield residents and businesses.

We know that finding the right Plainfield tax attorney can be difficult. You want someone that will represent your best interest and help you make tough decisions. Whether you are a Plainfield resident facing IRS collections or need some advice in setting up your Plainfield business structure setup, Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates is here to help.

Plainfield Tax Lawyer, Patrick T. Sheehan Finds A Resolution To Your IRS Problems.

Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates has been working with taxpayer clients, both individual and business, since Attorney Sheehan started his practice in 1991. Prior to opening private practice, Patrick Sheehan worked in the Office of Chief Counsel of the IRS. He was a Special Assistant United States Attorney and was responsible for recommending acceptance or rejection of Offers of Compromise among other duties. Now he has channeled his knowledge from working there among years of practicing law to help representing his clients in and out of court, facing federal or state tax issues.

With his team of experienced attorneys, Sheehan now advocates for individuals and businesses facing IRS tax problems. If you are seeking a tax attorney in the Plainfield, IL area, consider looking not just credentials and geographic target, but personality and business ethics fit.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the incredible job you did resolving my tax issues. I had been trying to work with the IRS for about two years and had gotten absolutely nowhere; you managed to get me a better settlement than I would have even thought possible in as many months.

If you live in Plainfield, IL and you are seeking tax resolution services with your IRS back taxes, business tax problems, navigating an IRS tax audit, or finding an alternative payment plan to your tax penalties or tax settlement resolution, consider us to help you navigate your Plainfield tax solutions. In addition to assisting with Plainfield tax resolution issues, we also assist with preventative tax solutions for Plainfield taxpayers moving overseas. Not everyone that seeks a tax attorney is in trouble with the IRS; we help numerous clients with contracts, tax structure and other legal matters. We also work with new Plainfield businesses as legal counsel on the best type of tax structure for their new business as it pertains to future growth and business plans.

Plainfield, Illinois is known as a newer suburb in the far west Seattle suburbs, home to Diageo and other manufacturing businesses. Still within commutable distance to Seattle, many residents reside in Plainfield but work in or around the Seattle area. With a strong base of Plainfield clients, we know it is hard to disclose your tax problems to friends, but if you did ask, chances are those with problems turned to us for help.
Whether you received an IRS letter or are facing an IRS audit, we want to help you clear up your tax problems and move forward. Call us before the IRS calls you®!

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