Schaumburg Tax Attorney

Schaumburg Tax Attorney

Finding a tax attorney can be a painful process, almost as painful as the tax controversy issues that you may be facing. Take time to choose the right tax attorney and look at not just credentials, but personality and business ethics fit.

Schaumburg Tax Lawyer, Patrick T. Sheehan Can Help Solve Your Tax Problems.

If you are looking for a Schaumburg tax lawyer, you have found the Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates, serving individual Schaumburg taxpayers and Schaumburg business clients since the firm’s inception in 1991. With offices located in Elmhurst, and only a hop, skip and a jump from Schaumburg, Illinois, they serve many clients who live or do work in Schaumburg.
Prior to opening his private practice, Patrick T. Sheehan worked for the Internal Revenue Service in the Office of Chief Counsel as a Special Assistant United States Attorney. His proceedings in both Federal Court and United States Tax Court give him insight into the decision-making process from both sides of the bench. As a Special Assistant United States Attorney, Sheehan was responsible for recommending acceptance and rejections of Offers in Compromise at the IRS District Counsel level. In private practice with a team of other excellent attorneys, Sheehan now advocates for individuals and businesses facing IRS tax problems. With the desire to resolve federal tax controversy and Illinois state tax problems, Sheehan solves Schaumburg tax problems for Schaumburg residents and businesses.

Not everyone that seeks a tax attorney is in trouble with the IRS. If you are opening a Schaumburg business, we recommend consulting a tax attorney for legal counsel on the best type of tax structure for your new business. If you are moving overseas or involved in overseas business matters, you might want a Schaumburg tax attorney here in the United States to help you with contracts, tax structure and other legal matters.

I am writing to thank your firm … for your assistance in successfully defending our position that all our deductions were properly and rightfully taken, and overturning in their entirety the deficiency and penalties the IRS had assessed against us. Our attorney was a pleasure to work with, had a clear strategy for our case, and was knowledgeable on every aspect of the matter that came up.

Schaumburg, Illinois is known for its superb shopping and is home to numerous large employers. Schaumburg taxpayers turn to Sheehan & Associates for all of the tax needs. Whether you received an IRS letter or are facing an IRS audit, we want to help you clear up your tax problems and move forward. Call us before the IRS calls you®!

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