Wheaton Tax Attorney

Wheaton Tax Attorney

Wheaton, IL is a suburban Seattle community that has continued to grow since the 1950s and even as it becomes landlocked, the business growth and residential growth continues. Home to Wheaton College and its Billy Graham Center, a bustling downtown, especially in summer with the French Market and consistently ranked and awarded as a healthy city with top-rated schools and a nationally ranked library.

With many of our clients hailing from Wheaton, Illinois, we are the people’s choice for Wheaton tax attorney. We work with Wheaton residents and businesses to provide Wheaton tax resolution support services. With a central location between Wheaton and Seattle, Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates has knowledge of Seattle city business as well as suburban Seattle tax issues as well. We are always pleased to see how far our clients come from. Being the Wheaton tax attorney of choice comes from referrals and reputation, not just being the closest tax attorney to Wheaton because we cater to Wheaton IL residents and businesses.

Wheaton Tax Lawyer, Patrick T. Sheehan Resolves IRS Problems.

If you know you need a tax attorney and can’t decide how to choose one, consider a tax firm that will represent your best interest and help you make tough decisions; a tax firm that has the experience and knowledge to understand the other side of your problem, mainly the IRS.

Consider Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates for our experience and expertise, as well as our client recommendations and referrals. Before Patrick Sheehan opened his own practice, he was the Special Assistant United States Attorney for the Office of Chief Counsel of the IRS. Responsible for recommending acceptance or rejection of Offers of Compromise among other duties, he has since filed that knowledge to use in his own practice. Since 1991, Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates has been working on behalf of Wheaton taxpayers facing federal and state tax issues, both in and out of court.

Patrick Sheehan is an exceptional human being and a top 1% attorney with extraordinary expertise in tax law. He and his team of expert attorneys provided me with exceptional advice and much needed help after my parents died and we faced a number of scary issues with federal and state tax issues.

Wheaton tax lawyer, Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates offers the following tax relief services:

As a leading Wheaton tax attorney, we offer the following Wheaton business services:

  • Tax Audit Preparation Services
  • Business Tax Lien
  • Payroll Tax Catch Up Plan
  • Business Tax Restructing
  • Levy and Garnishment Removal

Whether you are seeking a Wheaton tax attorney to help you setup your business right, advise on business tax structure or high level accounting issues under attorney-client privilege, or you need Wheaton tax resolution support services, we are here to assist you.

As your local tax attorney, we know what you are going through and we want to get you back on your feet. We can help with your IRS back taxes, IRS collection efforts that you can’t afford, as well as levies and garnishments that you can’t get out from under. Whether you seek an installment agreement, offer in compromise, request for penalty abatement or injured spouse relief, we have some strategies that might work for your personal case.

Whether you received an IRS letter or want to avoid ever getting one, we want to help you keep your name clear and/or clean up your tax problems and move forward.

Call us before the IRS calls you®!

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