A complete release from the IRS with a clean bill of health

I had several years of unfiled tax returns, and when I caught up with those filings, my accountant told me that I owed over $15,000 in penalties and interest. I talked to him about “special IRS programs” that you hear advertised on the radio, and he told me that they wouldn’t give me any reductions.. I knew a tax attorney who went head to head with the IRS regularly, and she said to just pay it, because her fees to fight it would likely be as much as the fines.

I contacted Pat Sheehan at IRS Trouble Solvers. His approach was very straight forward. He got a record of my IRS payments and fines from the past (one small penalty for paying my taxes late) and told me that it would be hard to get it reduced significantly due to the one earlier penalty.

Several weeks later, he contacted me to tell me that he had arranged not only for a removal of all of the fines, interest and penalties, but they were able to get me an additional refund that my accountant hadn’t calculated.

It was very seamless for me. Pat and his team did a great job getting me just what I wanted, a complete release from the IRS with a clean bill of health. He knows his job and how to do it. It was all behind the scenes. I didn’t get lots of phone calls with requests for lots of further information. He had gotten it all upfront.

I have recommended him to my accountant for his other clients, and would certainly recommend him HIGHLY for anyone with IRS problems. Thanks so much, Pat.

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