A Savings of Over $64,000.00

To whom it may concern,

I am a small business owner completing my 29th year in business. I was contacted by the IRS for an audit in May of 2010. My accountant met with an IRS agent on my behalf. I paid her $500.00 to represent me before the IRS. After the representation by my accountant, the IRS sent me a tax bill of $70,000 including interest & penalty for two tax years. My accountant had previously had determined that I had a loss for those two years. Needless to say I was angry, frightened and not able to pay. I asked everyone I knew if they could refer me to a tax attorney. No one could help me, not even my many friends at numerous law firms. Frustrated I turned to the phone book and internet. I found Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates. I called and was given an appointment with attorney Rob Rush within days. Mr. Rush was considerate, helpful and friendly. He explained all possible scenarios in layman’s terms, educating me with his vast knowledge and experience dealing with the IRS. I came from that initial meeting feeling relieved that I was in good hands. All during my IRS ordeal he kept me informed of every detail in correspondence via telephone and mail. I felt reassured I was in good hands. In the end I only owed $1600.00 for both tax years. A savings of over $64,000.00. I am very pleased and have been telling everyone I know about the firm. Thanks Rob! I fully recommend the law firm of Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates.

Naperville business owner

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