Seattle Tax Attorney Sheehan Secures Refund for Client Who Already Paid IRS Penalty

If you have issues with the IRS you need someone to walk beside you – someone that you can trust implicitly and someone that has the experience, credibility and integrity to advocate on your behalf to the IRS – it is not something that you can do alone – the odds are stacked against you.  The good folks at Sheehan & Associates worked on my behalf, against all odds and were able to secure a refund from the IRS for penalties and interest I paid as a result of an IRS audit.  My only mistake is that I should have had Sheehan & Associates represent me from the very beginning.  They took on the responsibility of representing me to the IRS and all I had to do was provide Sheehan & Associates with the information that they requested.  If you’re facing an IRS audit or having other tax issues – do yourself a favor and call Sheehan & Associates – you’ll be glad you did.  It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

The Back Story:

Individual from Wheaton, IL

Our clients went through an IRS audit that covered several years and was represented by a CPA.  The clients ultimately agreed to the audit, including penalties.  We felt that the penalties that were assessed against our clients were inappropriate and should not have been assessed.   The problem was, how do you ask the IRS to abate penalties when the taxpayers already agreed to the penalties?  We filed a request for penalty abatement for the first year under the First Time Penalty Abatement Program seeking a refund in the amount of $6,537.00.  Unfortunately, the IRS denied our request for relief, and we appealed.  The IRS finally agreed to refund about one-half of the penalty which resulted in a refund for our clients in the amount of $3,814.25!  Our clients are not only free from their prior IRS liabilities, they also have a nice refund in their pocket!  If the IRS has assessed penalties against you, call us, we can help.  Call us before the IRS calls you!

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