Cook County Taxpayer Negotiates Installment Agreement With Help of Sheehan & Associates

Dear Molly,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the incredible job you did resolving my tax issues. I had been trying to work with the IRS for about two years and had gotten absolutely nowhere; you managed to get me a better settlement than I would have even thought possible in as many months. I truly appreciate all that you and everyone else at Sheehan & Associates has done for me and I would highly recommend you to anyone else owing back taxes.

The Back Story:

Individual from Cook County, IL

Our taxpayer, a Cook County resident and realtor, had unpaid tax liability due to the IRS in the approximate amount of $75,000.00. He attempted several times to resolve his unpaid liability directly with the IRS, without success. He also contacted the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service seeking help in resolving his unpaid assessed federal Form 1040 liability. Unfortunately, the Taxpayer Advocate Service office was of little help. After hiring Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates, within two months we were able to negotiate a partial payment installment agreement with the IRS in the amount of $300.00 per month. A partial payment installment agreement is where a taxpayer makes smaller monthly payments to the IRS that may not pay the outstanding liability in full. However, the IRS accepts the smaller monthly payments and the collection statute of limitation, typically ten years, may ultimately expire. In that event, the IRS will no longer be able to collect the remaining liability from the taxpayer.

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