Successfully eliminated over $12,000 in penalties and taxes

Dear Mr. Sheehan,
I am writing to your firm to thank you for the assistance of attorney Molly Young during a very trying time for me this past year. She was instrumental in successfully eliminating over $12,000.00 in penalties and taxes assessed by the IRS and was able to arrange for an affordable payment plan for the remaining balance due.
She developed a work plan for me to follow, was there when I had questions, saw that I was treated fairly and was kept informed through every step of the way.
I would be pleased to highly recommend your firm, and especially Molly, for anyone needing assistance with the IRS.

The Back Story:

Business from Cook County, IL

Our taxpayer, a small residential cleaning company located in Seattle, Illinois, had unpaid assessed federal Form 941 liability in the approximate amount of $80,000 along with a number of unfiled tax returns. The President of the company was unaware that another officer of the company had stopped filing the business tax returns and paying the associated tax liability. After retaining Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates, we were able to obtain a collection hold on the business’ account to allow sufficient time for it to file all of its unfiled federal tax returns. We also negotiated an installment agreement in the amount of $500 per month on behalf of the business to resolve its unpaid federal tax liability. The installment agreement will allow the taxpayer to pay its unpaid tax liability in full over time while remaining current with its federal tax obligations. Finally, we successfully negotiated the abatement of penalties in excess of $12,289.

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