Excellent Attention

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to express how happy we were with the services we received from your law firm especially, Ray Gaynor’s management of our case. We feel Ray Gaynor provided excellent attention to our case, and did a great job in educating us on the process. When my wife and I found out how much we owed the I.R.S. with no way to pay it back right away, it was quite troublesome. When the I.R.S. threatened to place both of us in collection and place levies, it trheatened our employment status and as well as our livelihood. My wife and I have careers where termination is eminent when negative credit issues are realized by our employers. Thanks to Ray Gaynor he preserved our job status and subsequent ablilty to make money by agressively negotiating with the IRS to hold our case from collection or place a judgment on our credit. Ray Gaynor made us feel at ease in our first visit, which removed a lot of stress off of us. Ray Gaynor was an excellent communicator, a good listener, and an effective negotiator with the I.R.S. Our case was complex but we felt confident that your law firm would yield a positive result for us. We are very happy with how fast Ray Gaynor was able to negotiate a payment plan for us.

I would recommend anyone seeking help with I.R.S. related issues to call Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates.



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