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My wife and I would like to thank you for your hard work and good efforts in our regards in dealing with the IRS these past few months. When we first walked into your office the stress we were under due to recent collection activities left us feeling hopeless and alone in dealing with the intimidating and daunting IRS. Our circumstances seemed dire and we were desperate to find someone to help.

Form that first moment we met, your professionalism and expertise in the area of tax problem resolution put us at ease. We appreciated that you listened patiently, that you explained with great detail what we were facing, and most importantly that you gave us hope that there might be options available for a resolution of not just the immediate collection actions, but overall relief of all tax issues once the immediate emergency was addressed.

The relief we felt in our home was immediate and incredible. Your efforts reversed the collection levy within days and allowed us to begin living a normal life again. Next you helped us address all open issues both with the IRS and the IL Dept of Revenue in a way that took away the uncertainty and angst that had clouded all previous efforts.

Your fees were most reasonable and far and aside from gladly satisfying those charges, if we can ever be of any assistance to you and your office in the way of a recommendation please let us know.

My comments would be simple and straight forward

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