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Hi. I am the owner of a small construction contracting company. I thought I was getting quality tax services since 2003. Well, according to the IRS, I was not. I started receiving scary, threatening letters from the IRS. As you can imagine, I was perplexed. I thought I had been doing everything right. I spoke to several IRS problem specialists. I was not very impressed with any of them, until I met Patrick.

Among the many items we spoke about was the fact that Patrick owns the building/business in the same town that he is raising his family. Not a fly by night by any stretch. I had already made my decision before I heard that, but it definitely made me feel better.

Patrick worked for the IRS for many years. There is no doubt of his knowledge of the intricacies of the Tax Code, and the internal workings of the IRS. The speed and effectiveness with which he took care of my case, I would swear he was calling in favors from old friends at the IRS to help.

Patrick recommended Catalano Caboor CPA to go over my returns since 2003 to rectify what my previous tax “specialist” had done to get me into this mess to begin with. They were a joy to work with, and were very good at their job. They are now my permanent accountants.

Patrick smoothed over everything with the IRS, and got me an easy payment plan to pay what I now owed. He was in touch at every turn, returned calls quickly, and even sent out courtesy reminders and quick calls to remind me of due dates, and so forth.

It is because of my positive experience with Patrick, his staff, and his recommended accountants, that I recommend Patrick to everyone I meet with IRS troubles. He will take a scary situation, explain it, and walk you through to the other side. I am glad to finally be on the other side.

Patrick, thank you so much.


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