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By the time I decided to do something, I had a $68,000.00 liability to the IRS. I didn’t know what to do. I went to one business who wanted $500 a month, with no indication of what a resolution would be or when it would happen. I visited with IRS Trouble Solvers, and walked out of the meeting feeling relieved, with a path to resolution clearly laid out, and a firm understanding of what the charges would be. IRS Trouble Solvers worked with the IRS on my behalf, securing a Direct Debit Installment agreement for $165.00/mo — a saving of over $800.00 per month compared to what the IRS wanted.

I can’t tell you what a difference it made to have the IRS Trouble Solvers on my side. Their staff treated me with respect, treated my case as if it were their priority, kept me informed of the progress and truly brought me back to living my life without the IRS hanging over my head.

The Back Story:

Individual from DuPage County

The client came to IRS Trouble Solvers, and walked out of the first consultation feeling calmer than in many years. He was a 1099 employee for several years, and his employer never provided him with the documentation he needed, so he didn’t file. He couldn’t get ahold of the guy who was supposed to be providing the documents, and the problem just snowballed. IRS Trouble Solvers was able to secure a direct debit partial payment installment agreement for the client, in a very reasonable amount.

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