IRS Trouble Solvers™ put their expertise to work for me.

IRS Trouble Solvers were outstanding in handling my IRS mess for me.

Patrick and his entire team were knowledgeable and put their knowledge to work for me. My late husband tried to solve this on his own, but was never able to get our issues resolved. Patrick and his team did get our issues resolved. Finally I no longer dread getting the mail or answering the phone. Having the weight of the IRS on my shoulders kept me up at night. Once Patrick resolved our issues a sense of calm came over me. You cannot fix this on your own. You need an excellent, professional team on your side. Don’t go this alone! Let Patrick and his team help you. It will be the best decision you ever make.

The Back Story:

Individual from Buffalo

The client and her husband came to us with a tax liability of over $300,000.00 for unpaid federal taxes. Her husband had been trying to take care of the issue himself, but was getting now where. After the IRS showed up at her house, they came to IRS Trouble Solvers. While working on the case, her husband passed away suddenly, leaving the client with a large tax obligation, and huge IRS mess. IRS Trouble Solvers was able to remove the liens, reduce the tax burden to a manageable amount, and let the client move on with her life.

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