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In November 2017, we received notice from the IRS that a lien had been placed on our house due to tax issues I had believed had been taken care of years ago with the help of an accountant. It was quite an unsettling surprise which I knew we would need professionals to help us navigate this situation with the IRS. From my first phone call to Patrick T. Sheehan to my face to face meeting (the very next day I might add) with Gregory M. Dzialo I felt confident they would be able to get to the bottom of what was happening. It was such a relief to have Greg to not only deal directly with the IRS for us but to thoroughly explain to us each situation and all our options.

So, long story short, we received notice from the IRS yesterday that the lien had been lifted from our property! Greg not only got the lien lifted, but kept us from having to pay the tens of thousands the IRS said we owed! I HIGHLY recommend them for anyone who needs to deal with the IRS! I know I will turn to them if we are ever in need of any tax advise in the future.

The Back Story:

Individual from DuPage County

Our taxpayer had been attempting to resolve her unpaid assessed federal Form 1040 liability in the approximate amount of $78,000.00 for several years on her own.  We analyzed her situation and discussed all of the options that were available to her, including some options she had not previously considered.  We successfully negotiated an installment agreement on her behalf with the IRS and obtained the release of a long-standing Notice of Federal Tax Lien.  Without our involvement, the taxpayer would have paid much more to the IRS than she did.

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