Letter of Appreciation

Dear Mr. Gaynor:

This is a letter of appreciation for the professional legal services received by my father and I. My father, who is seventy-six years old, was involved in a trauma accident while working in his truck. The accident resulted in a six week drug induced coma and four month stay in the hospital after three surgical procedures. As I began to assist my father with his business affairs I discovered that he had delinquent taxes for several years.

We sought legal assistance when I realized that my father was at a risk of losing the home he had lived in for the last thirty-five years. In your firm we found the respect and credibility that assured my father that your firm would provide the professional respresentation needed to resolve our tax issues. I feel your fee for service was fair and honest. You took the time to engage in open dilalogue to assure that my father understood his options. But most important, we were able to keep my father in the home that he loves and worked many years to obtain. This was a costly lesson but I appreciate that my father is healthy, active, and has maintained stability in his senior years.

Sincerely yours,


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