One-Hour Consultation Ends Well for Taxpayer with Small Problem

Thank you for meeting with me today.  You were extremely informative, kind, candid and very generous with your time.

 As soon as I left your office, I made the two calls and performed the Internet search we discussed.  I would not know what to do without the help you gave me.

 Again, thank you.  I am very appreciative!

The Back Story:

Individual from Cook County

The taxpayer had a small IRS problem, and we agreed to meet with her even though we knew we would probably not get hired.  We met with her for about an hour and provided clarity and direction to her.

As expected, she chose to not hire us at the end of our meeting, but was confident that, with our help, she would be able to solve her small IRS problem on her own.  She wrote this letter in appreciation for our help.

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