Raymond is a Professional, Well Experienced and a Gentlemen

A few years ago, I was overwhelmed and troubled by tax liabilities. The troubles were the result of my own fault, however far more than I could possibly handle emotionally, professionally, and financially. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Patrick Sheehan at a networking event several years prior to the troubles. As hard as it was, I approached Patrick for some confidential advice as this matter was, and is embarrassing. His pleasant manner and professional approach led me to one of his fine associate attorneys, Mr. Raymond Gaynor.

Over the next year or so, all of the troubles were resolved, and settlement was reached including removal of an unpaid tax lien, granting me the power to begin rebuilding my credit availability, and seek new employment as the lien was holding me back. Raymond is a professional, well experienced, gentlemen ready to serve you in a humble manner during your times of trouble, as he was for me. I would greatly recommend the services of Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates to anybody who needs to talk about their IRS troubles in a confidential and professional manner.


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