Received Back The Amount Levied With A Refund

Given the plethora of tax help advertising currently on the radio and in other media, we weren’t sure where to turn when the IRS issued a bank levy against our account for a very sizable sum. We were aware from our research that scam artist abound taking advantage of people in desperate circumstance, such as ours.

I was unemployed for nearly a year and couldn’t afford to lose a large chunk of our bank account. Rob met with me and explored our situation while treating me with the outmost respect, which I really appreciated. He then proceeded to get the levy reduced by over half of the original amount while guiding us in resolving our situation. After that, we not only received back the amount levied, but an additional refund.

Now we can sleep again, for which we are very grateful. I enthusiastically recommend Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates and Rob Rush in particular, if you need the services of real and caring professionals to solve your tax issues. Thank you so very much!


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