Recommendation from Now Back-on-Track Taxpayer

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me through my IRS Tax problems.

What started out as a very stressful time for me was quickly alleviated when I contacted Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates and spoke to you about my situation.

Your professional, confident and straight forward approach made me feel at ease.

I am completely satisfied with my experience and I would not hesitate to call you again, or refer you to someone else, should the need arise.

The Back Story:

Individual from Will County, Illinois

The taxpayer last filed a tax return in 1984, and had not filed 1985 through 2012.  The taxpayer was a W-2 employee for many of the years in issue and was self-employed in the later years.  The taxpayer hired Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates to determine the status of his case with the IRS.  Did he owe money to the IRS?  Did the IRS file tax returns on his behalf?  Was the IRS looking for the filing of older tax returns?  Was there an open investigation of our client by the IRS?  We answered all of our client’s questions and got our client back on track without waking up the IRS on the older unfiled years.

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