Rob Rush of Patrick Sheehan and Associates Defended Me and Helped Me During One of the Most Stressful Periods of My Life

October 29, 2013

Mr. Rob Rush of Patrick Sheehan and Associates defended me and helped me during one of the most stressful periods of my life. On Christmas Eve of 2009 I received written correspondence from the Internal Revenue Service that they wanted to audit my federal tax filings for the years 2007, 2008 and 2009. At the time, my wife of 25 years laid in the hospital dying of cancer. She would pass away just one month later.

Over the next three and a half years I endured an exhaustive audit by my government’s tax collecting authority. I had made a terrible business decision in 1995 of hiring a tax preparation firm that was not advising me to withhold enough money for state and federal income taxes. Mr. Rush’s consistent and vigilant attention to detail was unwavering during this entire period. He kept abreast of every scrap of endless paperwork and correspondence from my government. He successfully kept the scope of the audit to the original three years of tax activity. He also negotiated a payment plan with the IRS on my behalf.

At times, the pressure and trauma of paying an enormous sum of my personal wealth to the IRS was psychologically and emotionally crushing. I was going through a financial crisis. Also during this time, both of my parents would pass away. Both of my daughters would marry and relocate to new cities. The sum of my loss experiences made it difficult some days for me to stand up.

Mr. Rush cooperated with my new CPA/tax preparer to insure that beginning in tax year 2010, my federal and state tax obligations were properly met. He was always kind and respectful towards me, even when my patience and temper was short. His thoroughness and experience in dealing with a cold and calculating federal agency proved to be a great asset to my case.

I am very grateful to Mr. Rob Rush and would highly recommend Sheehan and Associates to anyone needing help with the Internal Revenue Service or the Illinois Department of Revenue.

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