Settlement Agreement Success with the IRS

My wife & I want to thank you for your efforts in attaining a Settlement Agreement with the IRS. Your persistence in advocating our case is greatly appreciated. Our decision making was made easier by your frequent communication and thorough explanation of the options and likely scenarios before us. Your thoughtful, considerate and patient approach brought a sense of calm to a situation that was at times stressful. We will not hesitate in recommending you and your firm to others that may find themselves in our situation. Thank you again for representing our case.

The Back Story:

Individual from Cook County, IL

Our taxpayers, Cook County residents, had unpaid federal Form 1040 tax liability due to the IRS in excess of $100,000.00. They were making payments to the IRS under an installment agreement in the amount of $386.00 per month. However, the installment agreement defaulted because the taxpayers accrued additional federal tax liability. The taxpayers retained our firm and asked us to attempt to reinstate their installment agreement with the IRS. The IRS rejected our original request to reinstate the installment agreement in the amount of $386.00 per month. The IRS stated that the taxpayers have the ability to make payments in the amount of $2,934.00 per month toward their unpaid assessed federal Form 1040 tax liability. After carefully reviewing the taxpayers’ updated financial information with the IRS we successfully negotiated the reinstatement of the installment agreement in the amount of $386.00 per month.

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