Sheehan Law Helped Save Business From IRS Seizure

I want to thank you for your assistance in dealing with our unpaid payroll tax issue with the IRS.  This issue was not insignificant as these taxes (including the employer match) exceeded $500,000. Your staff was very professional and straight forward with us concerning what to expect from the IRS. With your guidance, we were able to negotiate a deal with the IRS that did not involve them placing a lien on our company or pursuing collections personally against our owners. You were even able to get the IRS to waive all interest and penalties associated with this matter.

Finally, the monthly installment agreement resulted in very reasonable payments and should result in our company putting this matter behind us fairly quickly.

I would definitely recommend your firm to others because of your knowledge and experience in dealing with the IRS in tax matters.

The Back Story:

Business from Lake Zurich, IL

Our taxpayer is an Illinois corporation that creates systems for the business industry. Our taxpayer had unpaid federal Form 941 employment tax liability in the approximate amount of $650,000.  The unpaid tax liability due to the IRS stemmed, in part, from the misappropriation of over $1,000,000 from our taxpayer by one of its officers.  This officer used the money he misappropriated from our taxpayer to fund another business unbeknownst to the remaining officers.

This officer also failed to file our taxpayer’s federal Form 941 employment tax returns.  Our taxpayer’s case was assigned to a particularly aggressive IRS Revenue Officer who stated his intention to shut the business down.  We were able to negotiate a series of payments on behalf of our taxpayer under an informal installment agreement that reduced not only the liability of our taxpayer, but also reduced the potential exposure of the officers to the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty.

We also successfully negotiated the reduction of penalties and interest, an amount that totaled substantially in excess of $100,000.  Our taxpayer is now paying the remaining liability under an installment agreement without the threat of seizure by the IRS and is moving forward with its business.

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