Stress Lifted After Consultation Regarding Unpaid Tax Debt

I wanted to reach out and express my gratitude with Molly Young recently regarding my tax issue. Molly was wonderful, calm, and thorough while explaining the options and courses of action available to me regarding my back-taxes situation. The stress that was lifted after consulting with Molly and ultimately turning the reigns over to her and your firm was immeasurable. I was pleased with the agreement she negotiated on my behalf with the IRS and will recommend Molly and your firm without hesitation to anyone who is ever in a similar situation to mine.

Thanks again to you and to Molly for getting me on the right path and helping me resolve my tax issue!

The Back Story:

Individual from Cook County, IL

Our taxpayer, a Cook County resident and business owner, had unfiled federal Form 1040 tax returns and unpaid tax liability due to the IRS in the approximate amount of $40,000.00.   He was unable to pay the balance due to the IRS and continued to accrue federal tax liability each year.   We obtained a collection hold on his account to allow sufficient time for him to complete the preparation of his unfiled federal Form 1040 tax returns and to begin making estimated tax payments towards the current year’s tax liability.  After all of the tax returns were filed, we successfully negotiated a direct debit installment agreement with the IRS in the amount of $694.00 per month.  The taxpayer also filed his federal Form 1040 tax return listing a zero balance due because he followed our advice and made estimated tax payments.

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