Taxpayer Allowed to Get Back on Their Feet As IRS Collection is Delayed

Whenever I think of the IRS, my blood pressure increases and panic sets in.   Luckily for us, our accountant recommended Patrick Sheehan.   He has a very calming way about him and is extremely knowledgeable and professional.  Plus, he cares about his clients.   We have always felt he has our back and has been a tremendous help to us.   We have absolute trust in him and are very grateful to have him representing us.

The Back Story:

Individual from Palatine, IL

Our taxpayers had unpaid assessed federal Form 1040 liability for several years in the approximate amount of $90,000, inclusive of penalties and interest.  We analyzed the taxpayers’ financial situation and determined that the taxpayers did not have any present ability to make payments to the IRS.  We subsequently convinced the IRS to deem our taxpayers as temporarily uncollectible in order to allow them to get back on their feet and to avoid any enforced collection action.  Deemed temporarily uncollectible means that the taxpayers’ liability still remains in full force and effect and interest continues to accrue.  However, the IRS will not take any enforced collection action against them provided no events occur that remove them from uncollectible status.  The IRS will often review a taxpayer’s uncollectible status after two years.

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