Thanks to IRS Trouble Solvers™ , I am able to sleep again!

My wife and I had a huge IRS tax issue and kept putting it off because we were afraid to try and deal with the IRS directly. When we went into see Patrick Sheehan, we had an IRS obligation, of $97,000.000. Yes, I said $97,000. After our first appointment with Mr Sheehan, we were able to finally get a good night’s sleep because we knew we were in good hands.

Mr. Sheehan and his very talented staff went to work and in a short period of time managed to have a lot of the interest and penalties dropped. We went from an initial debt of $97,00.00 to $11,000. They were able to set up a payment plan of $195.00 a month which was very doable for me.

I have worked with a lot of professionals over the years, but none of them were as talented, professional and compassionate as the staff at IRS Trouble Solvers.
I cannot say enough good things about them and give them a rating of 150%.

I urge you to contact them if you have an IRS problem. Do not try and resolve yourself. You have the talented staff of IRS Trouble Solvers to help you

The Back Story:

Individual from DuPage County

Client came to IRS Trouble Solvers owing $97,000 and no ability to pay. They were unable to sleep, constantly on edge that the IRS was going to show up at any minute. They hadn’t paid income tax for approximately 10 years, and late filed several years of tax returns. The penalties and interest continued to build up. We were able to set up a Partial Payment installment agreement bringing his total responsibility down to around $11,000, so a savings of $86,000.

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