They Helped Me Set Up A Payment Plan With The IRS

My biggest concern before seeking help with my IRS troubles was the fact that I am a prominent member of the community with a high-profile job and a lot of people in the local area know and respect me. Needless to say, confidentiality was high on my list of concerns and quite frankly, it kept me from contacting Sheehan & Associates until it was almost too late.

Instead, I put off the problem, worried and fretted and nearly got myself into even more trouble with the IRS due to my fears of asking for help – especially from an attorney who practiced in Elmhurst and was also a well-known member of the local community.

At my first meeting with attorney Rob Rush, owner and principal Patrick Sheehan stopped in to put my mind at ease and make me feel more comfortable. He reiterated my concerns so I knew he understood them and he eased my apprehensions, especially that I had procrastinated so long.

The attorneys at Sheehan & Associates not only helped me through my troubles, but also made me more comfortable with my own feelings of guilt and inadequacy that I had been so negligent, that I had put things off, that I had brought the troubles on myself. I think what eased my mind the most was knowing I was not the only one who had these problems, who procrastinated dealing with them, and that I was not alone – they were there to help.

And, help they did! They helped me set up a payment plan with the IRS for the amount I still owed and helped get me organized and on track to keep the troubles from happening again.

I am very grateful to Patrick Sheehan, Rob Rush and all of the other attorneys and staff at Sheehan & Associates.

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