They Were Very Professional, Prompt and Knowledgeable in Every Aspect

We deeply appreciate all that Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates has done for our family to help us sort out our IRS debt and establish a payment plan that is reasonable for us to maintain. With the poor economy pushing back sales in both our business places, coupled with unusual family health and financial needs, we were also fighting not to lose our home due to the mortgage crisis. As a result, we got behind with the IRS and we were confused about how to proceed with a payment solution that would still enable us to keep our payment commitment and not lose everything we had worked for over the past years. Melissa and I received a recommendation from our attorney Mr. Robert Honig to contact Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates to help us resolve our tax liabilities. After meeting with Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates Melissa and I had complete confidence and assurance that Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates would provide competent service with the goal of getting my family back on track with the IRS.

We were very pleased with the experience we had with Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates. They were very professional, prompt and knowledgeable in every aspect of our specific case. Melissa and I thought this tax debt would never go away and haunt us for many years to come. My wife and I were pleased with the discrete but personal care we received from all the staff that was involved in our case. We highly recommend Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates to offer excellent service from a reputable firm that will stop the IRS from controlling our future!

Thanks again Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates.

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