Seizure of Assets

The IRS has the authority to seize assets including, but not limited to, your house, boats, cars, airplanes and ATVs. The IRS also has the authority to seize your business.

Case study: IRS Raids Business and Packs Up Physical AssetsThe IRS showed up unannounced at our taxpayer’s restaurant with a moving van and instructed all of the patrons eating breakfast to leave. The IRS then began putting the tables, chairs and booths into the moving truck. Our taxpayer called tax attorney Patrick Sheehan who spoke to the IRS Revenue Officer in charge. Because the Revenue Officer had worked with Mr. Sheehan in the past, Mr. Sheehan was able to persuade the IRS to halt the seizure until Mr. Sheehan could make a proposal on behalf of the taxpayer. Mr. Sheehan was subsequently able to negotiate an excellent resolution for this taxpayer and avoided the seizure of the taxpayer’s business.

If any of your assets have been seized, or if the IRS has threatened to seize your assets, including your home or business, please call us. We can help. The BEST bet to resolve your IRS Debt!®

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