Top 4 Prominent Individuals Who Have Tangled With The IRS

Posted on November 01, 2021

Well, they may be glamorous people we all hope to become, but – to both ours and their disappointment – they are just people, flaws and all. And, honestly, we could live with the fact our favorite public figures do snore, have stretch marks, use the same towel twice or bite their nails. But, what happens when the “flaw” everyone is linking to your name goes beyond regular celebrity gossip and hits the nail? Things get hot, and we feel just a teeny, tiny better about ourselves and our problems with the same thing. Yep, you’ve guessed it – the IRS got a hold of some of the most prominent personas of the public life, and this is how things went down:

Marc Anthony

The hot-blooded Latino superstar, Marc Anthony is known for loving to enjoy life in full. One of his favorite pleasures was his Long Island property, and as it turns out, didn’t love enough to pay taxes for. Back in 2010 and in three months, Mr. Anthony was slammed with bills of $1.8 million and $1.6 million for unpaid taxes. Mistakes happen, we get it. But, when there’s a history of repeated attempts to avoid taxes. We’ve managed to dig out the info on his 2007 incident, stating that “he was hit with $2.5 million in back taxes, interest, and penalties for his failure to file income taxes for the years between 2000 and 2004”. Tisk, tisk. Marc, we thought you knew better. Was this the reason why J.Lo divorced you?

Annie Leibovitz

The most prominent name behind the camera, predominantly known for her snaps of the A-listers, Annie Leibovitz reportedly owed $2.1 million in federal taxes for 2004 to 2007. But, that’s not all: she also owed a total of $383,895 for her New York State tax liens. If it were only money she “forgot” to pay, we’d swallow it and say she’s just artsy like that – doesn’t care for the material. However, things had gotten worse when she got sued for nonpayment on a $24 million loan from Art Capital Group, back in 2009. Do we know how that one ended? As reports say “she had pledged her homes and her entire photographic library as part of the collateral to pay the loan”. How sad.

Martin Scorsese

What better way to celebrate your Valentine’s Day than by enjoying a visit from the IRS, right? On February 14th, 2011, “The Wolf of Wall Street” producer got a love-card from the IRS in the form of a $2.85 million tax lien. Scorsese’s PR team explained this was a mistake. In 2002-03 Scorsese was handed three liens over a six-month period totaling almost $1.9 million and change. Scorsese, we’re onto you.

Khloe Kardashian

No, Koko! Not you! Is it possible the nasty IRS caught you too? Oh, well. You’d think that the members of ‘America’s First Family’ would never even dream of finding themselves in any adverse situation concerning money, but – it turns out – not even the Kardashians can escape the IRS. The State of California issued an $18,490.74 tax lien for back taxes back in 2010. KhloMoney claimed she, in fact, did pay the tax through an old accountant, but – being as forgettable as only accountants can be – he forgot to turn it over to the taxman. Convenient, isn’t it?


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