What a Tax Attorney Can Do for Your Seattle Business

Posted on September 24, 2021

As a Seattle business owner, you don’t have to wait until you’re in trouble to seek help from a tax attorney.  Tax attorneys provide guidance and representation to businesses and individuals alike. Along with other tax professionals, tax attorney can assist with various tax-related matters. These matters include:

  • setteling tax debts
  • resolving tax-related disputes
  • assisting with filing unfiled returns
  • stopping wage garnishment
  • removing property liens and levying accounts
  • determining eligibility for tax relief programs
  • negotiating compromises with the IRS

    What is a Tax Attorney?

    An attorney that specializes in tax law has gone through an intensive educational program. Generally, they start with a BA in either accounting or business, followed by a Juris Doctor after three years of law school. To operate in Washington, the tax attorney must have passed the state bar exam.  As such, tax attorneys can represent their client before the IRS at all stages of the resolution process.

    Tax attorneys know how to work with both the state and federal government to represent your best interests. Having a tax attorney speaking to the IRS on your behalf, you don’t have to experience the stress and anxiety of dealing with the complexities of IRS tax processes.

    Because of a tax attorney’s education and experience, they can help business owners navigate the complex business tax laws. As well, they can advise on business tax return filing to help reduce the tax liability. As experts on tax law, they stay up-to-date on hte rapidly changing tax laws. They advise clients on new tax laws that may impact their business and how these changes may affect them. 

    Finding a Good Tax Attorney

    When searching for a tax attorney look beyond the first tax resolution firm at the top of the search results. And remember, bigger doesn’t mean better! Even the most prominent firms have had numerous complaints due to poor service. Rather than focus on one firm’s name, do your research on the tax attorney who will likely be representing your case.

    A good tax resolution website will have the names and profiles of their tax attorneys and other tax resolution specialists. These profiles should include the individual’s education and experience. For added measure, you can research specific tax attorneys to verify that their certifications and degrees to practice tax law are recognized by state agencies.   

    Beware of Scams Relating To Tax Resolution Attorneys!

    When looking for a tax attorney to represent you, you should also avoid falling for tax scams. There are plenty of tax scams out there that typically start with receiving a phone call from a person claiming to be a tax attorney.

    Possibly, you may encounter a situation where a person from an actual tax resolution firm calls. However, unsolicited calls are unethical, particularly if the purpose of the call is to offer tax law services. While the tax attorney may be working for a reputable firm, the act of calling a potential client to offer their services is an unethical law practice. However, ethical tax representation firms would never contact a potential client via the phone, which is referred to as “ambulance chasing.” If you ever receive a call like this, report them to the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility at

    For more on what a tax attorney can do for your Seattle business, contact us at 206-970-4477 and let us help you with your tax problems. Talk with a Tax Resolution Expert today.

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